I hadn't been to Yaechika in a while. I can always find English mistakes, there, and this time was no exception.
  • no exception《be ~》例外{れいがい}でない (definition from Eijiro on the Web)
Just when you come down the stairs on the Yaesu Avenue northeast entrance, there's a new Tully's. They have a gorgeous new sign, which says:
× Non-Smorking 71 Seats; Smorking 28 Seats
○ 71 non-smoking seats, 28 smoking seats
What do you suppose "smorking" is? I looked it up, and the Urban Dictionary had this funny definition:
  • smork - someone who is so smitten, they are acting like a absolute dork. Slightly embarrassing, usually someone who is not an obviously smitten person, hence the lame name Smork. "You are acting like such a smork, you're definitely smorko over him" <- my note: "smork" is not common English. Don't expect many to know this.
  • smitten【形】〈英俗〉ぞっこんほれ込んだ (definition from Eijiro on the Web)
  • dork【名】〈俗〉ばか、あほ、とんま、愚か者、のろま (definition from Eijiro on the Web)
So I suppose it's nice of Tully's to provide special seats for those who have fallen head over heels for someone.
  • ぞっこんほれ込みなさい。 Fall head over heels. (definition from Eijiro on the Web)
The sign also says:
× To Go Counter
to-go counter
When you use a phrase as an adjective, you should connect the words with a hyphen.

Because of that, I would also say:

× Meeting Space 6 seats
6-seat meeting space

Good luck everybody, smorks included. Even I can be a mistake-making dork sometimes.

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