「so that」の使い方

Someone was complaining to me about a leader.
× He is too old style so that he can't push people.
○ His style is so old that he can't lead people in the right direction .
The pattern above is:
  • so [adj] that [sentence]
It means that the degree of the adjective is very high, which causes some result.
You might be thinking "but Renick, I've heard 'so that' before." You are right, but "so that" has a different meaning.
  • [sentence A] so that [sentence B]
"So that" means "for the purpose of" or "in order to". The difference is the grammar. "So that" connects sentences, but notice these patterns:
  • for the purpose of [noun]
  • in order to [verb]
There's another recipe that I'm practicing these days. It's this Chinese-style cold dish that uses dried tofu and mushrooms with sweet soy sauce. It's so delicious that I want to eat it every week, but I'm not good at making it yet. I'm going to practice this weekend so that I can improve my skill.

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