This is one mistake I often hear in class.

x "I often play snowboarding in winter."
o  I often go snowboarding in winter.

Now how about yoga?  Is it play yoga? Do yoga?  Or go yoga?
Here is an easy guide to help you remember and use them correctly:

Use play (play + ball sport noun) when:
  • you are talking about a ball or ball-like sport.  
  • (Ex.) I played soccer in my schooldays.  
  • you are talking about a competitive game.
  • (Ex.) Have you ever played poker online?
  • (Ex.) I like playing scrabble, which is a kind of word game.
Use do (do + noun) when:
  • you are talking about a sport which doesn't use a ball.
  • (Ex.) My son does kendo on the weekends.
  • (Ex.) I am interested in doing yoga.
  • you are talking about a recreational activity.
  • (Ex.) I do sudoku during my commute.
  • (Ex.) My daughter is good at doing crossword puzzles.
Use go (go + verb+ing):
  • with verb+ing
  • (Ex.) I used to go bowling with my friends on Saturday nights.
  • Another way to remember it is that you you have to go somewhere to do this activity.   
  • (Ex.) John wants to go surfing this summer.
See you if you can complete the sentences below correctly.
  1. Do you think ___________ poker online is dangerous? 
  2. Have you ever ______________ aerobics? 
  3. My friends are planning to __________ camping next summer. 
  4. Do you ever ____________ crossword puzzles? 
  5. In the summer I usually ____________ swimming in the morning. 
  6. I wish I could __________ basketball like Michael Jordan.