I was riding my bicycle up Chuo Avenue a few afternoons ago when I saw this bus. I read the side of the bus and had to stop to take a photo.
× We presents heartful trip
○ We provide heartfelt trips.
"Heartful" is not real English. It's a made-up word.
  • made-up【形】こしらえた、でっち上げた、フィクションの、架空の (definition from Eijiro on the Web)
It's true that we add the suffix "-ful" to mean "full of ~". However, "heartful" is not a commonly accepted case, unlike words like "hateful", "grateful", and "disgraceful" (like the English on this bus).

On the other hand, "heartfelt" is a real word that is relatively common.
  • heartfelt【形】〔感謝・同情・謝罪などの言葉・行動などが〕心からの (definition from Eijiro on the Web)
On top of that, this is still a weird sentence. The tour company doesn't have anything to do with whether I am traveling sincerely or not. Maybe they mean something like:
We provide you with heartfelt service on your trip.
That makes more sense. They are sincere, which makes my trip happier.

They also forgot the period at the end of the sentence. Make sure you don't do that.

This blog is just my heartfelt advice on how you can improve your English. I hope you'll come and study with us, too.



I started running a little over a month ago. Every time I put on my shoes...
× I feel like I'm in an Olympic game.
○ I feel like I'm in an Olympic event.
We say "the Olympic Games" when we are talking about the sum of all of the events. It's also important to remember that one sport might have several events, like tennis has singles and doubles, soccer has men's and women's, and so on. "Games" often have points, but not all of them do, particularly races.
× I may feel like an Olympic player when I put on my shoes, but...
 I may feel like an Olympic athlete when I put on my shoes, but...
"Players" is generally used for participants in games with points. An athlete is someone "a trained to compete in sports or exercises", according to dictionary.com.
  • athlete 【名】運動[スポーツ]選手、スポーツマン、スポーツ愛好家、競技者 (definition from Eijiro on the Web)
Like I was saying, the truth is far from my imagination. I watched part of the women's marathon. When I calculated their speeds and compared them with mine, it was clear that I have a lot of practice to do to get anywhere close. That gave me more admiration for the Olympians.
  • Olympian オリンピック選手 (definition from Eijiro on the Web)
  • admiration 【名】称賛、感心、感嘆 (definition from Eijiro on the Web)
I suppose I should use my running shoes tonight, then.