Ugh. My least-favorite season has arrived. The sun has gone down, but it's still 27 degrees outside.
× It's so wetty!
× It's so wet! <- this is better, but still not so good
◯ It's so humid! <- this is OK, but it doesn't refer to the heat so strongly, I feel
◯ It's so muggy! <- this is best!
  • humid - 湿度の高い (definition from Eijiro)
  • muggy - 蒸し暑い (definition from Eijiro)
Your sweat doesn't evaporate, but instead makes your skin sticky. You have to be ready for rain at any moment. What's worse, once rainy season is over, the real heat and humidity arrive.
  • evaporate 蒸着 (definition from jmdict)
  • sticky 粘っこい, 粘い, べたべた (definition from jmdict)
  • what's worse さらに悪い[ひどい]ことに (definition from Eijiro)
  • humidity 湿り (definition from jmdict)
Someone I was talking to earlier today said she doesn't even have an air conditioner at home. She says they only use electric fans. Can you survive with only an electric fan?
  • electric fan 扇風機
  • survive 残存
I often think my body was designed for colder weather, but at any rate, here I am in Tokyo. I survived living in Taiwan and already four summers here, so I'll probably make it through this one alive.
  • make it through ~をうまくやり遂げる、~を何とかやっていく、うまく通り抜ける、何とか~を切り抜ける[乗り越える](definition from Eijiro)
I'm not particularly looking forward to it, though.

What advice do you have on how to deal with muggy Tokyo?

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