ecocoloという雑誌は英語の使い方に注意した方が良い+「go to」と「go on」の違い

Flipping through Ecocolo magazine at a convenience store, I came across this headline.
× Let's go to a small trip!
◯ Let's go on a short trip!
"Go to" is followed by your destination.
  • destination 目的地
"Go on" is followed by a travel-related activity, like "go on a hike", "go on a picnic", "go on a shopping spree", or "go on tour".
  • shopping spree 買い物をしまくること、買い物好き、買物熱、湯水のような金遣い (definition from Eijiro on the Web)
"Small" is used for the physical size of things. "Short" is used for time.

I'm planning to go on a short trip this month, and I might go to Malaysia early next year. Does anyone have any tips on Kuala Lumpur?

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