「money tree」とは?

This is our money tree. That's what we call this tree in English.
  • money tree パキラ属、金のなる木、金づる (definition on Eijiro on the Web)
  • cash-cow, money tree 金の成る木
People keep telling me that our money tree is too dense. They say I should trim some of the inner leaves. I'm worried about doing that, though, because it seems healthy enough. If I cut a bunch off, I'm afraid I might kill it.

What do you think I should do?

I would hire a specialist, but money doesn't grow on trees. So instead, I'm turning to you all for advice. Do you have good suggestions on how to trim the tree?
  • Money doesn't grow on trees.《諺》金のなる木はない。/お金を楽に得る方法はない。(definition on Eijiro on the Web)
By they way, has anybody started trimming their Christmas tree? I think I'd rather do some kind of pagan winter solstice celebration.
  • trim a tree to make it look better 見栄えがするように木を剪定{せんてい}する (definition from Eijiro on the Web)
  • trim a Christmas tree クリスマスツリーに飾りを付ける、クリスマスツリーの飾り付けをする(definition from Eijiro on the Web)
  • winter solstice 《the ~》《天文》冬至点{とうじてん}(definition from Eijiro on the Web)
It's about five weeks away. Some people might feel it's early, but I am sure Starbucks is already playing Christmas music. I am avoiding it for that reason. I wonder if their seasonal drinks are a money tree?

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