Natural Houseは英語の使い方に注意した方が良い。

I was in Natural House on the weekend. While checking out, I noticed a sign they had over the area where they were selling fresh juice. It asks us:
× How is feeling today?
○ How are you feeling today? How do you feel today?
  • check out〔レジ係が〕合計{ごうけい}を計算{けいさん}する、精算{せいさん}をする (definition from Eijiro on the Web) 
The important grammar mistake here is the missing "you". In Japanese, it's often possible to omit the subject, but in English you can't do that in most cases.

The really funny thing is the top left corner. It says "autumn menu". We know that autumn was over a long time ago! I guess that probably they have updated the menu but simply overlooked the English in the corner.
  • overlook 見落{みお}とす(definition from Eijiro on the Web)
My advice to any company using English in their signage is that you need to pay attention to exactly what it is you are expressing!
  • signage【名】〔指示・警告の〕文字、記号{きごう}、信号{しんごう}、表記{ひょうき}、看板{かんばん}、標識{ひょうしき}(definition from Eijiro on the Web)
A grammar mistake, while embarrassing, might not interfere too much with the meaning.
  • interfere 【自動】邪魔{じゃま}をする、妨げる、遅らせる(definition from Eijiro on the Web)
On the other hand, wrong vocabulary can result in a completely wrong meaning, like in this case. That's when communication fails.

I hope that Natural House will join the rest of us. Spring will be here soon!

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