The name of this brand really puzzles me. I suppose that's OK, since it's a Japanese brand for Japanese consumers. Still, what is this, really?
  • As Know As Pinky
I wonder if it was a mistake, originally. There is a common abbreviation in English -- "aka" -- which means "also known as". That would make sense, as in "This is a brand which is also known as Pinky."
  • aka 【略】=also known as~の別名でも知られる、別名~、別称~、またの名を、一名~という◆略語のakaは砕けた文では意味が広がってie(すなわち)のように用いられることもある。(definition from Eijiro on the Web)
It's an abbreviation, so read it as "A K A". It is often used with periods, like "a.k.a.", and we often use a.k.a. like this:
Nick, aka "Strange Animal", is one of the authors of this blog.
However, "as know as"... I'm lost with that one. "As" is a conjunction or a preposition, usually. That means it should be followed with a noun or a sentence. "Know" is a verb. Weird.

At least it's catchy. I always recognize it when I see it because it is such a strange name.

They have a whole string of brands, and even an English home page.


With such an incomprehensible brand name, their website is strangely mostly free of English mistakes. Nice job! Good luck, "As Know As"! Thanks for making the English on your website correct!

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