「somebody」と「some people」の違い

Somebody (one person) asked me the other day what the difference is between "somebody" and "some people".  The difference is simple: "somebody" is singularbut "some people" is plural.
  • singular 単数形、単数 (definition from Eijiro on the Web)
  • plural 複数形、複数 (definition from Eijiro on the Web)
I had to throw out some pants recently because they had become too big in the waist. They were falling off. Since moving from Taiwan over seven years ago, I've been riding a bicycle every day. I also haven't had access to the great vegetarian restaurants that they have in Taiwan, so I've been eating less. That means I've lost weight and fat over the years: 10 kg!

Some people might have thought I was already thin and be concerned, but actually I think I'm much healthier now. Somebody did tell me that they thought my face looked like a knife, though.

Some people might use a belt to make up the difference in the waist, but I didn't really want to do that. I wondered if somebody might want the pants (only one person could take the pair of pants), but the truth is those pants were 15 years old. I figured nobody would want them.
  • make up the difference 差(額)を補う、必要な金額の残りを出す、差を穴埋めする (definition from Eijiro on the Web)
Some people might wonder why I'm showing you a picture that is basically a photo down my pants. I think some people can understand the story better with a photo!

I know some people reading this blog might have questions, like the "somebody" who asked me this question. Please send your questions to me!

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