7 ways to improve your English

50 ways to help the planet. 1000 places to visit before you die. 8 foods that fight fat. 10 things not to buy in 2010. Not a day goes by without me seeing such headlines on the Internet. Let's be honest. Who doesn't like reading such lists? (Maybe I am a closet list freak.) So today I am going to give out some advice on how to improve your English. Here is my 7 ways to improve your English list. Drum roll please...

  1. Keep a simple journal. You don't have to write a full chapter everyday. A few sentences a day might do the trick. Writing is an outlet for some people to show their creative side. By writing you can increase your vocabulary gradually.
  2. Watch TV shows. Not only will it improve your listening but it is a window into another culture. Do Americans really walk around their house with their shoes on? (My mother would have tossed me out of the house if I had.)
  3. If you don't like TV shows or don't have enough time to do so I recommend listening to music or a podcast.
  4. Think in English 24/7 (If possible)
  5. Find out more about your hobby on the Internet in English. Do you like playing tennis? I am sure you will find others who love your hobby as much as you. It is a good chance to read about it in a foreign language. Who knows, you might be able to pick up a new tip or two.
  6. Come to class and practice.
  7. Find a book you like (in English of course) and read, read and then read some more. A good book and a cup of tea or coffee, a quiet afternoon. Need I say more?

I hope you find some of the advice useful. Do you have any other methods that have worked for you? Please let me know.

Vocabulary list
closet freak~~ 隠れ奇人 (Is this Japanese?)

do the trick~~目的{もくてき}を達する[達成{たっせい}する]、成果{せいか}を挙げる、うまくいく

toss (something) out of~ ~を…から追放する[放り出す], 放り出す、脱ぎ捨てる

24/7~ 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, constantly

Need I say more?~ I don't need to give additional information because the previous statements are already clear enough.

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