Happy New Year!

Some very experienced chefs gave me their suggestions on how to make ozoni. Thanks a lot for the rough recipe!
  • a rough recipe 大体のレシピ
Translating ozoni into English isn't easy; the name becomes really long, like "a dish consisting of various boiled things served in soup at New Year's".

Maybe a better name is "Japanese New Year's Soup". It's still not as easy to say as "ozoni", though.

I think I took too many naps during the break.
  • nap - 昼寝
  • take a nap
    うたた寝する、仮眠{かみん}を取る (definition from Eijiro on the Web)
As a consequence, I haven't accomplished as much as I hoped. In these last few hours of the break, I'll try to get a bit more done.
  • as a consequence 結果{けっか}として (definition from Eijiro on the Web)
I hope to give you a lot of useful posts in 2010. You can look forward to that!

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