When I got home this evening, I was pretty hungry. I put my bag down and went straight to the kitchen to cook something to eat. I'm getting fast at cooking soup for noodles, so that's what I made. After chopping some vegetables and putting them in boiling water with seasonings, I started to stir-fry a topping for my bowl of noodles. That's what you can see in the picture.
× I was really enjoying.
"Enjoy" is a verb that needs to be used with an object.
  • 目的語 (もくてきご) (n) (ling) object;
That's why the sentence above is wrong. One common pattern is "enjoy oneself".
  • enjoy oneself 楽しむ、楽しく過ごす We could enjoy ourselves at the party. : パーティーを楽しみました。I enjoyed myself. : 本当に楽しかったです。/ああ楽しかった。(definition from Eijiro on the Web)
Otherwise, you can use an object to say what you enjoyed.
  • I enjoyed listening to crickets when I took a walk earlier. <- "listening" is a gerund, basically a noun
  • 蟋蟀 (こおろぎ) (n) (1) (uk) cricket (Gryllidae); (2) (arch) any insect that chirps in autumn;
I was really enjoying myself, and I decided to take a picture to share with you all. From all of my pictures of food, you must know that I enjoy cooking. I also enjoy teaching, which is lucky for me (and hopefully you, too)!

I hope you enjoy the weekend. Take care!

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