This issue came up again the other day. "What's the difference between 'so' and 'very'?" I was asked. Here are the patterns you can use:
very/so __(adv)__
very/so __(adv)__ __(adj)__
○ very __(adv)__ __(adj)__ __(n)__
× so __(adv)__ __(adj)__ __(n)__
It's like this:
× One of my so deeply missed foods...
○ One of my very deeply missed foods is dried and pressed tofu, which is called dougan in Taiwan (豆乾).
(most natural) One food which I really miss a lot is...
And like this:
  • I was suffering from allergies last week, but this week I'm very much better. <- this is OK, but honestly, it's a little weird
  • This week I feel so much better. <- this sentence is also so much better...
Find this mistake in this description:

Last week, I made some very tasty curry. You can see it in this photo. It's chickpeas with lots of tumeric, cumin, and curry powder. It was also cooked with a tomato, and onion, and a lot of ginger. It was a so quickly made curry, but I made some a month ago that was so much better. I don't know why this one wasn't as good. I'd like to hear your recipes for delicious food that can be made very easily.

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