EL-THANK JAPONは英語の使い方に注意して方が良い+「arrive」の使い方

I was doing some shopping at the supermarket this evening. Walking down the aisle with cereal, I saw this package.
  • aisle - 通路
  • cereal - シリアル
× organic cereal arrived from France
◯ organic cereal from France
Using "arrived" here is strange. "Arrived" emphasizes that someone has traveled or something has been sent. The important point here is the origin (生産国) of the cereal, not the fact that it has traveled.

We don't know who sent it, either. Good cases for using "arrive" include:
  • What time did you arrive?
  • A: When will this package arrive? B: It will arrive in about two weeks.
Of course, we do care when this cereal arrived because we want it to be fresh. However, for this kind of product, I usually leave it to the supermarket to watch that.
  • leave it to (人)に任せる、~に委ねる (definition from Eijiro on the Web)
After searching for English materials on the net, I'm glad you have arrived at our blog. Another post is coming soon!

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