disgusted と disgusting の違いは何ですか

As the train pulled up to Shibuya Station I noticed that there were a number of empty seats in the car I wanted to get on. It is my lucky day I thought. As soon as the train doors opened I quickly realized why there so many empty seats. Someone had had one drink too many.

Fill in the blanks using
a) disgusted b) disgusting

This scene is ___________.
I feel _________ when looking at this picture.
The person who threw up on the train is _________ person.
I wonder if the woman in the white cardigan sitting down feels ________


That's disgusting! : 最低!、むかつく!、なんてひどいことだ!

The scene was disgusting. そのシーンには目を背けたくなりまし

Whoa, that's disgusting! You use soy sauce for your fries? I've never seen that.

What is the difference?
The ~ed form expresses how somebody feels–an emotion.
For example, I have been studying for 6 hours straight. I am exhausted.
(It tells us how you feel)
The ~ing form tells us how something or somebody is, a state or condition.
For example, studying for 6 hours straight is exhausting.
(It tells us how it is)
Now try and make some of your own sentences… with
embarrassing/ embarrassed
exhilarating/ exhilarated

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