I keep running across people confusing "future" and "feature".
  • run across ~に偶然会う We ran across an old friend of mine from high school. : 私たちは、高校時代からの古い友人に、偶然会った。
  • 機能 (きのう) (n,vs) function; facility; faculty; feature; (P); (definition from Edict)
  • feature an interview with(人)のインタビューを特集{とくしゅう}する (definition from 英辞郎 on the web)
  • 未来 (みらい) (n) (1) the future (definition from Edict)
Here are some example mistakes.
×___ is futured. <- there's no such word in English
○ ___ is featured.
× What kind of futures does it have?
○ What kind of features does it have? それにはどんな機能がありますか。
○ What kind of future does it have? (have a future 将来性がある, definition from 英辞郎 on the web)
The problem, I think, is that these two are pronounced similarly. However, they are not pronounced the same.
feature = "fee" + "chur" (like in "churn", or like "purr" with a "ch" at the beginning)
future = "few" + "chur" (the same as above)
In the near future, this site will feature a series of posts on conditional sentences. You can expect that next week!
  • conditional sentence 条件文
People should be careful with their use of English on signs to avoid being featured on our blog.

We're looking forward to talking with you in the future.

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